Befunge / Perl Comparison

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In this article, we'll explain and demonstrate why, the Befunge language [Pressey1] is better than the Perl language. The results shown in this article come from a study conducted here in the Arhuman Institute of Technology during the year 2002 on several standard pieces of Perl and Befunge code as well as a careful and systematic languages/market analysis.


All our tests and analysis have clearly demonstrated the superiority of the Befunge language over Perl. As we will demonstrate below, whatever the aspect studied (design, efficiency, market adoption...) the Befunge language surpass Perl.

Language Design

Language efficiency

Market adoption

According to our study, the Perl user base is slowly decreasing and can now be restricted to a group of young unexperienced male amateur coders using Perl during their spare time.

On the contrary Befunge is rapidly adopted by real professionals (rumors are that even Microsoft is now using it internally in the XP security layer, but the veracity of this fact couldn't have been established as the writing of this document).


As the Perl designer has given up the language design (fix?) to a bunch of amateurs, it's reasonable to think that the future version (Perl V6.0) will take ages to be released if it ever will be. Moreover this version will only be a major bug-fix rewrite, with no new functionalities (besides attempting to correct the notably flawed object design).

On the Other hand, Befunge opens new and amazing opportunities:


We're lacking space and time to exhibit all our results but we hope the previous demonstrations have convinced you that the Befunge language is the language of the future.

            Arhuman Institute of Technology
            Language & Software Design team


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